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Game of Thrones episode review: "The Wolf and the Lion", May 16, 2011

This week on Game of Thrones, Arya discovers dragon skulls -- and a plot against her father; Loras and Renly share some quality time with a razor; and Lysa Arryn is a complete nutcase.

We didn't wander very far afield in this week's episode, which skipped the khasalar and the Wall completely. There's enough going on in King's Landing, though, that I barely noticed the lack until the episode was over. I may be biased since I know what's coming, but I think this episode does an excellent job of conveying the building tension. We've met the characters, we've visited the castles, we've figured out who hates whom, and now it's about time for it all to come apart at the seams.

Ned is still doing his best Nancy Drew impression, this time trying to make sense of information he learns from Ser Barristan and Varys. He and Ser Barristan watch Ser Hugh's throat being sewn up and Ned wonders aloud where he could have gotten the money for the new, expensive armor he wore in the tournament. Barristan doesn't think it's suspicious, nor that Hugh faced Gregor Clegane, since the pairs are decided by a draw of straws. "But who holds the straws?" Ned wonders. Meanwhile, Varys tells him that Jon Arryn was killed by poison, and Ned can't believe it. Why would someone kill Jon now, after he was Hand for seventeen years? "He started asking questions," Varys answers ominously.

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