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Word to the Wired #2: Undeadiquette, September 17, 2010

I've never liked my brother-in-law much, and now he's caught the zombie infection. Do I have to invite him to our family Thanksgiving celebration? I'm worried he might eat someone's brains instead of the turkey.

He may be undead, but he's still your brother-in-law. Blood is thicker than water, and in this case thicker than brains, too. You should be respectful of his dietary preferences, just as you would provide an alternative for vegetarians or those with food allergies. If he skips over the cranberry sauce, stuffing, and deviled eggs and goes straight for the blood pudding, it's not your place to criticize, especially if you want to stay on your sibling's Christmas list this year.

Don't expect much in the way of intelligent conversation, either. Consider seating him across from your aunt who nods off in the middle of every meal, or maybe at the kids' table; somewhere where his mumbling and moaning won't be noticed or remarked upon.

However, it is not only appropriate but responsible to set down some guidelines beforehand and recruit your sister or brother to help enforce them. "No snacking on other guests" would seem like an obvious choice.

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